Field Notes: April Dawn Alison

Just after publishing the first edition of Field Notes, I realised I simply won’t be able to do it every week. So I slyly went back to the post and updated the commitment to every alternate [...]

Baby Guerrilla

"Art can be an armchair or a sledge hammer and everything in between."

Field Notes – Introduction

Starting today, I will be sharing thoughts/ideas/updates through ‘Field Notes’ EVERY WEEK (Updated on 24 August: every alternate week). I know I am being ambitious, but I really wana [...]

Dáreece Walker

"All this repression towards blackness made ‘Black is the giant’, so it's a pile, a giant, essentially coming to fight against that type of energy."

Zarina Muhammad

"The paths of change will never be smooth. It's really fucking hard and I'm so impatient."