The Floating Magazine (TFM) is a digital publication focused mainly on in-depth conversations with visual artists from Asia and Middle East. Through these conversations, we delve into the stories about their lives, inspirations, creativity, perspectives, work, personal projects, travel, cities, countries, and culture, among other things.

TFM is published by TFM Studio.

TFM Team

Founder & Editor: Payal Khandelwal 

Creative Director: Hooiwan Ling

Associate Editor: Ayushi Shah

We also work with various contributors from time to time.

TFM Studio

TFM Studio is a collaborative content studio, working with brands, publications and individuals in art, design and travel space. So far, we have collaborated with brands like ART IndiaForma (a furniture brand by JSW Group), The JSW Prize for Contemporary CraftsmanshipPaper PlanesArt&FoundKamalanPrintWeek India, and Fish Do It (for Asian Paints’ online magazine – Colour Quotient). We will be happy to share more details if you drop us a line at [email protected]com.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us at [email protected].
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