June 6, 2019

Music Playlist: Ovadia Benishu

By Ayushi Shah

Anyone familiar with Tel Aviv-based illustrator Ovadia Benishu’s work will know how well he understands the power of a good story. His illustrations are replete with layers, leaving the viewers to find a story or two tucked in every inch. When we interviewed him earlier this year, he spoke about how important it is to have your own take in order to tell a story in an intriguing manner.

In the music video he art directed for Tel-Aviv based band Jane Bordeaux’s ‘Ma’agalim’, it is striking how he uses the music to craft visuals that feel intimately familiar, yet fresh. In his own words, it all depends on how you tell a story.

While listening to the playlist he curated for us, it feels like we are walking through one of his illustrations. The diverse soundscape is all about trusted classics brought together with contemporary music, leaving you pleasantly surprised.

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