Magazine Workshop: Cocoa and Jasmine

Sayali Goyal’s Cocoa and Jasmine found its conception in her travels and the subsequent musings they inspired. Two years on, it is now an independent culture travel magazine with one edition [...]

Yulong Lli

Although still a student, the China-based illustrator has already racked up an impressive client list including Uber, Ikea, Airbnb, Apple, Starbucks, Google, and GQ, among others.

Indu Antony

The Bangalore-based photographer was looking at a very different future as a medical professional before her romance with art led her down a new road, one that saw her create several significant [...]

Music Playlist: Ayesha Kapadia (KometJuice)

For many of the artists we’ve interviewed in the past, music and visual arts go hand-in-hand, with the former playing a major role in realizing the latter. While music is a known source of [...]

Wenyi Geng

"Staying and studying in New York taught me to focus on creating what came straight from the heart instead of pushing myself to take up things I’m not too keen on."