October 15, 2020

Project: ‘The day after Pandemic’ by Alessandro Suzzi

By Ayushi Shah

Not long ago, supermarkets and grocery stores in many parts of the world ran out of toilet paper and canned food – one of the many strange occurrences during the initial period of the COVID-19 related lockdowns. Inspired by the events, Italy-based artist Alessandro Suzzi created ‘The day after Pandemic’, a mural that reflects this element of human nature. Kaleidoscopic bodies feed off each other on the wall as the desperation to survive overtakes everything else.

Talking about the project, Alessandro tells TFM, “During the quarantine period, I could see how people’s greed found an outlet in food. The impossibility of being able to go out had led people to dive into the pleasure of the throat. This is an indication of how much man today, in the capitalist era, is no longer able to have a healthy relationship with life. The habit of consumption has led all of us to necessarily find satisfaction in something material, something consumable.

This made me reflect on the difficulty of people now to love each other, to devote themselves to their loved ones and their feelings. The idea of representing these fat figures intent on fighting each other stems from the desire to represent the whole of humanity immediately after quarantine. Once free, men resumed their constant fight to overpower others. The image is of course a metaphor that can be used in all aspects of life. I wanted the work to ironically talk about this human nature.”

All images are provided by Alessandro Suzzi. 

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