Project: ‘Dead Retina’ by Görkem Keser

Istanbul-based photojournalist Görkem Keser, who we had last spoken to for our cover feature on Istanbul, talks to us about his intriguing project ‘Dead Retina’, created between 2017 [...]


We talk to six contemporary creatives about their personal relationships with the city, the influences they draw from it, and their recommendations for exploring the contemporary visual culture [...]

People: Kürşat Bayhan

Istanbul based photojournalist Kürşat Bayhan believes that a photographer must become a part of the story. And the intense relationships he creates with his subjects are poignantly reflected in [...]

People: Selman Hoşgör

If I have to give a simplistic view of Selman Hoşgör’s work, I would say that he makes serious fun. His work often places powerful and serious protagonists in unbelievably delightful settings.