February 20, 2019

Music Playlist: Ayesha Kapadia (KometJuice)

By Shristi Singh

Ayesha Kapadia (Photo by Ajay Koli)

For many of the artists we’ve interviewed in the past, music and visual arts go hand-in-hand, with the former playing a major role in realizing the latter. While music is a known source of inspiration for many artists, a few of them also choose to engage with it directly. Mumbai-based visual artist, Ayesha Kapadia, is one such artist. From art directing music videos for indie duo Parekh & Singh, to illustrating another for Prateek Kuhad, and to art directing Sofar Bombay’s secret venue for a recent gig featuring Damien Rice, Ayesha has maintained a close relationship with music.

We previously interviewed her as part of our ‘People’ section, and we were obviously excited when she got in touch with us recently to share her playlist. About adding her own little ‘a day in the life’ twist to its flow, she says, “I’ve arranged them in a specified list ‘as the day’: regular everyday events of the day as a tune, takes you from when she opens her eyes in the morning to la-la-land.”

‘Good Morning’

‘Bubble Bath’




‘Rose Tinted’

‘Post Dinner Snack’

‘Good Night’



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