Dina Saadi

Dubai based artist travels around the world to create large scale murals.


We talk to six contemporary creatives about their personal relationships with the city, the influences they draw from it, and their recommendations for exploring the contemporary visual culture [...]

Wajeeha Abbasi

Karachi based illustrator and graphic designer's work spans across war, philosophy and food.

People: Esther Goh

Reality and fiction make great bedfellows in Esther Goh’s work. Woven with many different layers, her work often falls into the realms of magic realism and dark humor. Esther is an [...]

People: Selman Hoşgör

If I have to give a simplistic view of Selman Hoşgör’s work, I would say that he makes serious fun. His work often places powerful and serious protagonists in unbelievably delightful settings.