Sara Medghalchi

Tehran, Iran based photographer Sara Medghalchi documents her observations during her travels.

People: Hadi Uddin

While Bangladesh based Hadi Uddin creates ultra commercial works as a fashion photographer for Canvas magazine, his personal works reflect his sharp candor and emotional sensitivity.

People: Can Çetinkaya

Can Çetinkaya is a man of very few words, but we’ll live with that as his portraits create a glorious whirlpool of stories that we find ourselves completely lost in. Can is an illustrator [...]

People: Sveta Dorosheva

A deep fascination for fairytales, mythology and medieval scripts, among other things, finds its way into Sveta Dorosheva’s absolutely enchanting works. Sveta is a freelance illustrator and [...]

People: Nouf Alhimiary

Activism led by art is slowly becoming a mighty force to be reckoned with. Nouf Alhimiary, a young photographer based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is one of the proponents of that force.