People: Takashi Yamamoto

By Payal Khandelwal

Dull colors, intricacy of daily objects and acute observations make Takashi Yamamoto’s work exceptionally interesting. Takashi is a printmaker, illustrator and artist based in Saitama, Japan. He used to initially create artworks with oil paints but gradually started doing acrylic and watercolor etching. His aim was to move to a subtle use of lines and colors, and he eventually found copper plate print the best to work with.

While language was a huge barrier while doing this interview, we are so grateful that Takashi could be a part of this. In this small interview, we have spoken to him about his work and his inspirations. Read on:

What were some of the creative influences while you were growing up?

While growing up, I was quite influenced by comics, animation and movies. I often would read manga comics like Akira and Ping Pong. In movies, Blade Runner had a huge impact on me.

Did you have a formal training in illustration and printmaking?

I learnt oil painting in college, but printmaking I have learnt mostly on my own.

Could you pick up one project and tell us a bit about its making?

We had a project where we had to create a fictional picture book. This was a commissioned work from an art gallery. To create this book, I would draw a picture and then my copy partner would come in to write the text for the same. Then I would draw another one and we would do the text for that particular picture. This process has now continued for almost five years.



Your work is so unique and yet it evokes a feeling of nostalgia.

That is a viewer’s interpretation. I just draw what I want to draw, without thinking about what the viewer will make of it.

How does Japan inspire you and your work?

The unique creations and work that can be seen in Japan are inspiring for me. I am also quite inspired by the country’s landscape.

Tell us a little bit about your usual day at work.

During the day, I take small hobby painting classes for adults and children. And then I end up working on my artworks till late in the night.

How did you end up naming your studio ‘NewBoc’?

NewBoc is a name under which I have put all my artworks online. When I wanted to create my work website, I thought it will be cooler to have something different than say ‘Takashi Yamamoto’s Website’. So I started thinking of a new name, and Newboc is a name that was suggested to me by my son.



Who are the illustrators/artists around the world that you really admire?

There are many including Horst Jannsen, Taiyo Matsumoto, Pierre Bonnard, and Hiroshi Sugito.

What are some daily objects/observations that inspire you?

I am deeply inspired by objects that have a texture and dull colors.

What are you currently working on?

I am actually trying out something new right now. It is a challenging project that involves etching of two-color printing.











All the images are artworks created by Takashi Yamamoto.© 



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