January 17, 2018

Project: ‘The Petite World’ by Kathrin Honesta & Yu Yessi Lesmana

By Payal Khandelwal


Indonesia based illustrator and graphic designer Kathrin Honesta recently teamed up with her best friend Yu Yessi Lesmana to create ‘The Petite World’, an enchanting poetry art book – illustrated by Kathrin, written by Yessi, and published by Indonesian publisher Bukune.

Talking about the project, Kathrin says, “Yessi and I have been friends since high school, and we never imagined that we would end up publishing a book together one day. Yessi has always written poems in private, and I had been thinking about doing a small collaboration with her, like a few posts on Instagram as and when we could find the time (since we both work full-time). But when a publisher approached me to see if I was interested in publishing a book, I got the idea of doing an illustrated poetry book that combines my work with Yessi’s poetry.”

Yessi considers ‘The Petite World’ a very private project, and mentions that she wrote it a long time ago. “Deep down, I always knew that this would be a very emotional book for me. The process of making it has been unique, especially because this is a collaboration with my best friend. The whole process has been a great lesson, and it helped us form a deeper bond,” she says.

Kathrin (Left) and Yessi

The creation process has been interesting for Kathrin as well. “Since this is my first ever published book, I learnt a lot about the publishing process. And working together with my best friend was a surreal experience. We surely had our ups and downs, but I guess facing them together made the challenges quite bearable. Also, illustrating for poetry itself was quite refreshing in a way because poetry is rather abstract. It’s not like a narration where the author gives you vivid and descriptive information about what they want to portray. Instead, poetry is about a feeling, a mood. So I used a lot of metaphors and symbols in this book, which gave me a lot of freedom to express the message to the readers,” she says.

Here’s the link to buy the book.

A few pages from the book


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