January 11, 2018

Project: ‘Audible Static’ by Sai Selvarajan

By Payal Khandelwal

US based filmmaker and editor Sai Selvarajan had told us about his upcoming short film ‘Audible Static’ during our conversation in 2016, and then he also spoke about the music in his films, including this one, in our cover feature on Music and Visual Arts. Needless to say, we are stoked to finally see his film and share it with you guys.

Talking about the project, Sai says, “Growing up with a stutter was hard, and I let it define me. I always knew I had to make a film about stuttering, but it had to be the right film. ‘Audible Static’ is many things to me. It’s a tribute to teenage dreams; it’s a tribute to analog audio; and most importantly, it’s a tribute to anyone who has done something crazy for love.”

The story of ‘Audible Static’ revolves around Thaddeus who is a teenager in love. “Love comes with panic. Silence. Racing thoughts, but no words. Just audible static. In the last days of analogue, Thaddeus finds a way to cheat the system,” says Sai while giving us a glimpse into the story.

Audible Static from Sai Selvarajan on Vimeo.

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