February 2, 2018

Project: ‘2018 Astral Calendar’ by Jia Sung

By Darshita Jain

For her most recent personal project, New York based Singaporean artist Jia Sung creates a playful yet poignant twist on the astral calendar. In the last conversation we had with her, she had told us about how her love for folklore, myth, and symbolic imagery has played a huge role in her art, and that extends to this particular project too.

Talking about the ‘Astral Calendar’ project, Jia says, “I started this calendar as a playful take on our collective obsession with star signs — it’s hard to take a horoscope seriously, but also impossible to entirely dismiss it, and the symbolism surrounding each sign is a potent source of material for creative work. My work tends to draw from myths and other inherited stories which are rich in archetypes and symbols – be it a girl, bird, or bull – so this project felt like a natural extension of what I already love to play with.”

You can check out more details of the calendar here and buy it here.

Some of the artworks from the calendar

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