May 30, 2017

Music Playlist: Shiho Kito

By Sonaksha Iyengar

Installation of ‘Walls’ by Shiho Kito

In our latest issue, we spoke to visual artists from Asia and Middle East to learn more about their relationship with music. While some artists have worked closely with music and incorporated it into their visual work in the form of imagery, others display their love for music by bringing it in through context. These eight artists shared their musical collaborations and memories with us through our cover feature ‘Music and Visual Arts’.

As a part of a new series on our Journal, we are sharing the exclusive playlists we collected from these visual artists. Today we have independent curator and photographer Shiho Kito’s music playlist. We had previously interviewed Shiho as part of ‘Places’. She was initiated into music by her father’s extensive vinyl collection, but continued to explore her own inclination to different genres through her projects and long nights in the darkroom. While the Coldplay songs she mentions were constant during the darkest nights in her life, she stumbled upon  Ophelia by Masakatsu Takagi and Sunchild by Thief in the CDs that her brother gave her. Explore five songs from Shiho’s playlist on Soundcloud and the remaining below:

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