July 4, 2017

Music Playlist: Sai Selvarajan

By Payal Khandelwal

Our next playlist is by filmmaker and editor Sai Selvarajan, who was born in Sri Lanka, and has lived in the US, the UK and Nigeria. Talking about the role of music in his work – in our cover feature Music and Visual Arts in issue three – Sai says, “Music is a huge part of my films. I see it as a character in the film and it needs to move the story forward.”

Here’s the playlist Sai curated for TFM:

Auto Rock by Mogwai from the album Mr. Beast

Remember Our Heart by Alexander from the album Alexander

Instrument by Suuns from the album Hold/Still

Israel by Siouxie and the Banshees

Nothing Like This by J Dilla from the album Ruff Draft

Mystify by INXS from the album Kick

Ne’er Too Late by The Theater Fire from the album Theater Fire

Suburbia by Benjamin Balcom from the album The Pruitt-Igoe Myth 

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