May 10, 2017

Event: TFM at [email protected]

By Sonaksha Iyengar

Our founder and editor, Payal Khandelwal, will be in conversation with The Economic Times journalist Shephali Bhatt at the forthcoming [email protected] session in Mumbai.

Conducted by the literary organisation Pen and hosted at Prithvi House, these sessions are a meeting point for engaging discussions about the written word. The sessions aim to create a space that allows for informed interactions between readers, writers, and listeners. Having started off in 2006, [email protected] is now a regular event held on the second Saturday of every month.

Payal and Shephali will talk about bringing emerging and established visual artists from Asia and Middle East together through the TFM community, among other things. If you’re in Mumbai, join us at Prithvi House at 6.30 pm on May 13th, Saturday. For more details, head to the event page on Facebook.

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