August 27, 2020

Project – Journals by Kathrin Honesta

By Payal Khandelwal

Jakarta-based illustrator, Kathrin Honesta (we had interviewed her back in 2015), has been using the quarantine time to find her way back to journaling. Since she, like most of us, couldn’t go out much during the lockdown, she decided to focus on her immediate surroundings and ended up finding various stories there.

This is what Kathrin has to say about the project (#kathrinhonestajournal), “When it comes to journaling, most people find it difficult to know what to draw each day. We often think that we need something eventful for it to be worthy of being in the journal. But I think that the situation, especially in this pandemic where we are bound to stay at home most of the time, is not ideal at all. In fact, there are actually a lot of ideas around us every day if we know how to look.

Things that are mundane to us, might actually be interesting if we take a look at them deeply or from a fresh point of view. That is the beauty of journaling – to find extraordinary things out of the ordinary things in our everyday life.”

Here are some of the artworks from the project:


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