November 20, 2017

Exhibition: Heraa Khan’s ‘All that glisters is not gold’

By Payal Khandelwal

Heraa Khan, contemporary artist and art instructor from Lahore, is having a solo exhibition titled ‘All that glisters is not gold’ at Chawkandi Art gallery in Karachi. The show opens tomorrow (21st November) from 5 pm to 8 pm, and goes on till 28th November. The titles of the exhibition and the artworks are derived from Shakespearean plays that talk about the basic human flaw of relying on the superficial.

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Heraa, who specializes in the traditional techniques of Mughal and Persian miniature painting, says in her artist statement – “The collection is a rich and lavish portrayal of luxury defined by an underlying consciousness of redundancy of such a lifestyle. The vulnerability and fragility of life is glossed over by a veneer of exaggerated, narcissistic pampering of self.”

As many of our readers would know, Heraa was one of the first artists featured on TFM back in 2015. We had spoken to her about the very unique tools she uses and her art process. You can read the conversation here.

Heraa recently taught a course at the International Summer Academy of Salzburg, Austria, and has also conducted classes on miniature painting in New York and Texas, USA. She has had several solo exhibitions and group shows, nationally and internationally, over the last few years. She received the Ruth Katzman scholarship for a residency at the Art Student’s League Residency at Vyt in New York, USA, and was also awarded a residency at the Bone Black Gallery, Texas, USA in 2016.

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