Project: ‘Begum’ by Meera Sethi

Toronto based Indian visual artist Meera Sethi’s work has always been rooted in migration (which she spoke to TFM about in 2015 at length), identity, and hybridity. And the thread that [...]

Music Playlist: Samya Arif

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been sharing the playlists of the visual artists we spoke to about the unique relationship between music and visual arts in the cover feature of our latest [...]

People: Hadi Uddin

While Bangladesh based Hadi Uddin creates ultra commercial works as a fashion photographer for Canvas magazine, his personal works reflect his sharp candor and emotional sensitivity.

People: Xuan Loc Xuan

Xuan Loc Xuan dresses up melancholy in vibrant colors in most of her artworks, and the results are breathtaking. Xuan is a freelance illustrator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

People: Esther Goh

Reality and fiction make great bedfellows in Esther Goh’s work. Woven with many different layers, her work often falls into the realms of magic realism and dark humor. Esther is an [...]