Magazine Workshop: Cocoa and Jasmine

Sayali Goyal’s Cocoa and Jasmine found its conception in her travels and the subsequent musings they inspired. Two years on, it is now an independent culture travel magazine with one edition [...]

Magazine Workshop: Soup

‘A quiet, gentle corner on the internet’ is how Meera Ganapathi refers to her digital publication Soup, and honestly, we couldn’t have found a better expression to introduce it. [...]

Collaboration: Art&Found X TFM Studio

2018 has been incredibly exciting for us so far. We have a bag full of ideas and plans that will continue to shape-shift into a lot of new work and collaborations this year. We already introduced [...]

Event: Delhi Comic Arts Festival 2017

We were very excited when Anindya Roy reached out to us about the Delhi Comic Arts Festival – which aptly shortens to DeCAF, on the lines of international comic arts festivals like ELCAF, [...]