Instagram and Visual Arts

Instagram is changing the way art is being shared and experienced. We spoke to eleven creatives from Asia and Middle East to understand how they use the platform.

People: Kürşat Bayhan

Istanbul based photojournalist Kürşat Bayhan believes that a photographer must become a part of the story. And the intense relationships he creates with his subjects are poignantly reflected in [...]

Things: John Ed De Vera– Paper

John Ed De Vera’s love for paper is all encompassing, and he blends it well with his eclectic typography and calligraphy experiments. John is a designer based in Manila, Philippines.  

Letter 1: Acknowledgements

The Floating Magazine is a highly inspired magazine. Over the years, so many things, places and people have inspired me, and have directly or indirectly led me to creating TFM.

People: Kishor Sharma

Kishor Sharma is a documentary photographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is also an important bridge between the nomadic Raute community of Nepal and the rest of the world.