April 7, 2017

Project: #AtoZofMentalHealth

By Payal Khandelwal

I am so proud to feature #AtoZofMentalHealth project on TFM, especially because it’s created by our very own Sonaksha Iyengar. Sonaksha is the associate editor for TFM and TFM Studio. She is also an independent illustrator and book designer.

At TFM, we always strive to encourage and talk to artists who in their own unique way contribute in documenting, and in some cases even solving, important issues in our society. The stigma and innumerable fallacious facts that surround mental health is one such issue that Sonaksha’s brilliant project focuses on. I won’t go too much into talking (or gushing) about the project here simply because it has been covered extensively by media all across the world. Before I lay out all the links though, you can follow Sonaksha on Facebook and Instagram. You can also specifically check out the Instagram posts about the project here.

And finally, here are all the publications that have appreciated and delved deeper into the project.

New Indian Express

The Ladies Finger


The Mighty

My Modern Met

The Week


Huffington Post

Design Taxi


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