The Floating Magazine (TFM) is a quarterly digital publication about visual culture in Asia and Middle East. We are devoted to having meaningful and in-depth conversations with creatives from these regions. Through these conversations, we delve into the stories about their lives, inspirations, creativity, perspectives, work, personal projects, travel, cities, countries, and culture, among other things.

TFM is published by TFM Studio.

TFM Team

Founder & Editor: Payal Khandelwal is an independent journalist, with about 10 years of work experience with brands like Campaign India, The Indian Express, Kyoorius, and Blink Digital. She also runs TFM Studio. @thefloatingbed

Creative Director: Hooiwan Ling is a communications designer with 12 years of experience, including two years of working in Mumbai with Kyoorius. Hooiwan is interested in solving problems with creative solutions. @hooiwan

TFM Partners

TFM Partners are the brands and individuals who support TFM’s publishing endeavors and other initiatives.

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